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Bullock creative is comprised of marketing & creative business professionals with more than 20 years of experience in Strategic Marketing, Creative Design, and Business Development. Together, we provide a collection of value-added services that best suit the complex business needs of our customers.

83% of employers cite speed business as a major impetus to hiring freelancers. In many cases, these companies claim, projects are completed faster because freelancers bring special skills and can zero in on each job.

– Daniel Pink, author of Free Agent Nation

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Provide Marketing & Creative Solutions

Bullock Creative has extensive experience in generating increased sales within large-scale, as well as small entrepreneurial corporate environments through extensive lead generation, content development, and customer engagement. Our primary areas of expertise are marketing strategy, advertising campaigns, brand development, project management, website/UX, app development/launch, lead generation via digital ads, social media (organic & paid), content (earned & paid), and email marketing, as well as creative inspiration and leadership. 

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According to Hubspot research, the top marketing trends for 2020 that every company should be using.

organic search 64%
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