BECAUSE Campaign

Sanford Education Programs, formally launched in September 2014 and were established through a generous gift by renowned philanthropist and businessman Mr. Sanford to serve the global needs of the 21st century by providing innovative and inspirational education programs to teachers and to nonprofit and for-profit leaders through the Institute of Philanthropy. The Programs’ mission is to create positive societal change through the development of nonprofit leaders and to create educators who teach inspirational programs serving worldwide needs.

In collaboration with the internal communications department, we set out to design a comprehensive marketing campaign that would be utilized across many platforms. Given that the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy was designed to be utilized by non-profit organizations we landed on the concept of BECAUSE, pronounced BE-CAUSE. Included in the marketing plan were banner ads, magazine ads, bus stop advertisements, billboard signage, t-shirts, as well as 30-second radio spots.

November 11, 2015
Brand / Print