Propeller App

Partners In Leadership’s first app that they developed and launched in-house, and our branding and marketing efforts were a huge part of its success. On the brand side, we helped develop the user interface (UX), the website, digital advertisements, and print collateral. Also, developed trade show booth advertising including a 6-foot tall iPhone replica to give a larger trade show audience an immersive experience. On the marketing side, we put together a two-pronged approach that leveraged account-based marketing (ABM), PR, webinars, as well as in-app marketing withing the iTunes App Store.

Propeller is a digital app that improves team performance by creating greater engagement and positive accountability for achieving the team’s top-priority outcomes. Propeller works by engaging team members with four time-tested and value-added channels of communication and learning: Key Results™, Feedback, Solve It®, Wisdom.

December 18, 2019
Partners In Leadership