September 18, 2015
Print / Brand
corona clipper brochure

Product Packaging and Brochure

Founded in the 1920s, Corona, Inc. is a leader in the manufacturing of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction, and agriculture markets. With a retail and distribution network that extends throughout the United States and Canada, Corona’s proven designs, quality manufacturing processes and unparalleled customer service make it the best choice in tools for contractors, agricultural professionals, and avid gardeners alike.

Leveraging Bullock Creative’s strong background in packaging design we were initially asked to solve the retail hand clipper packaging issues. The challenge that Corona Clipper faced at the retail level was that customers continually would remove the product from the packaging in order to ensure fit and it’s quality. This is a huge problem for both retailers and for the manufacture since few customers will place the product back correctly in the packaging once finished. So, our challenge was to create a new retail package that allowed the customer to operate the clipper without removing it from the packaging. The prototype seen below incorporates a clear PVC outer container with a thermoformed PVC insert. This concept was a huge success with both customers and retailers alike.

Having solved the packaging dilemma, Corona Clipper continued to rely on our team to produce marketing collateral like the brochure shown above as well as advertisements and trade show materials.