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6 Critical Points in Todays “Digital” Buyer Journey

Our recent stay-in-place order has drastically changed everyday life, and surprisingly this has had little effect on the customer buyer journey. It’s imperative today more than ever that businesses are engaging potential customers at every step in the buyer journey. 


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Having spent more than 20 years in advertising and marketing, constantly focusing on moving potential customers from brand awareness through brand advocacy has proven to be both rewarding and frustrating. It’s rewarding because, if you genuinely believe in your product or service, you are excited to see customers move from knowing very little about your organization to, sometimes, months later, being your most influential advocate. When you are an expert in this process, your brand can organically grow via social media, customer reviews and word of mouth effortlessly. It can be frustrating when a piece of the buyer journey is not functioning correctly, and potential customers get lost, and in most cases, you will never get them back.

Outlined below are the six critical points in today’s buyer journey, as well as the potential pitfalls of not fully engaging your potential customers in each area. It’s essential to understand buyer psychology, which overlays the buyer journey and has three distinct stages, education, solution, and selection. The psychology stages should govern both the level of engagement and communication with your potential customer as well as discounts and offers.


Education Stage

Awareness: The customer is acutely aware of a pain/need.
Focus on the problems and pain points for your prospective customer. Provide industry-focused content, smartly disperse via social media, digital advertising, events, PR, and webinars.

Interest: The customer begins to search out potential solutions and is aware of trends, related products, and brands. Begin to assert your product/business to help educate your consumer. Provide eBooks, infographics, webinars, and white papers.

Consideration: The customer is beginning to consider specific products/services. Typically willing to engage via email/voice. Still educate but provide direct info like comparisons, datasheets, free trials, case studies, and make sure your pricing is upfront!


Solution Stage

Evaluation: The customer is ready to buy, but now they are evaluating like-products/services. Provide timely (immediate) follow-up to free trials and web page form-fills, making sure all communication is still education-focused. Whether via voice, email, or direct mail, offer an “introductory offer” with either a discount or additional features.

Purchase: Although they are ready to purchase, they’ll need validation of their buying decision, so reliable customer service is vital. Initiate a “customer success” person to ensure consistency and constant communication. Provide live training, “how-to” webinars, and user guides.

Selection Stage
Advocacy: Help your customer become advocates for your products or service. Make sure to stay in touch and listen to their evolving needs and feedback. Remember, a lot of time and money went into getting this customer, so continue to provide content and engagement, so they purchase again and again.

Remember to engage your potential customers at every stage in the buyer journey. Also, encourage your satisfied customers to leave comments on your product or service pages. A happy customer is gold, so make sure you treat them as such.

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